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       The future awaits us a pure spirit, clean, empty, wanting to be filled. We shall not want to go to it with baggage of past days to slow us down. Best to cure the excess and it will come of an old conversation that position is everything.


The Pawn


March 1, 2015

     I'd like to make the point here that as we gripe about the small issues (or ignore them as many of us do), there is often a larger, more desperate picture that requires our attention. So before we do anything it would be smarter to understand the full scope of things and how those smaller issues fit that larger view for it is only then that the proper recipient of our attention would be revealed. Once it or they are understood we can know where to point ourselves and discern how to get there.

      This story is about a gentleman I had the good fortune of meeting from Burundi not long ago. The questions we need to keep in mind as we read this are: Why don’t people of our hue variations own any major corporations? What is our local or regional leadership doing or not doing or respectfully still, what are they doing wrong? As stated, we might reconsider our position in view of the answers to these questions and the things they reveal which are possible.

      A few years ago, around 2009 I met a young gentleman named Mdalaga Habhonima. He was an African, about twenty eight, a Tutsi originally from Burundi which is a very small country bordering the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the northeast. He was the youngest of eight children, physically small and the scar on his upper lip for some reason distinguished him. He described to me a story of war and strife in Burundi mainly between the three major tribes, the Twa, Hutu and Tutsi. For some time there had been unrest between them and in 1992 the country had descended into civil war with the Hutu committing genocide against the wealthier minority, Tutsi. During this time both of his parents were killed but fortunately he and his siblings escaped across the border into the Democratic Republic of the Congo also referred to as the DR Congo.

      Mdalaga was five years old then. He survived for a time in a refugee camp but the camp would become overburdened with food and medicine shortages, gangs and crime. Living conditions were excruciating and insufferable. To make matters worse, he was around seven years old when he and his brothers were kidnapped from the refugee camp and forced to work with rebels in the jungles of the DR Congo. He told me that there were quite a few boys living in the camp who had been kidnapped and forced into labor and that the work was hard and the days long. The rebel soldiers watched them constantly and there were severe reprisals for insubordination and attempted escape.

Coming of Age

      The idea in the camp was for the boys to eventually join the rebels and the fighting when they got old enough but for now their job was to carry ammunition, food and other supplies to the fighters near the front lines. The children were organized into groups of about thirty and they were all very young, about five to twelve years old. The loads they had to carry to the fighters at the front were very heavy and afterwards they had to walk all the way back to their camp. The trip took the entire day and when they returned at night they were exhausted.

      They made the trip every two or three days and Mdalaga described the path they had to walk as long, uneven and rocky in some places with the route heavily guarded. There was this one span of road however where the security lapsed because the jungle was so dense and uncertain the trek through it was thought to be impossible. Not only that, they were told that if they tried to escape they would be sent back to the front lines and the fighters there would execute them.

      Even so, there were still cases where boys tried to escape the most recent to Mdalaga at the time being a group of four boys, frazzled and desperate. The oldest of them was eleven who as it happened had tried to escape before. The rebels told them that the first time you tried to escape you would receive a warning and your lip would be cut to identify you as a risk. The lip on the eleven year old had already been cut. For him there would be no more warnings. On a trip back to the front lines Mdalaga saw him executed. The remaining three boys then had their lips cut. There would be no more warnings for them as well.

      You would think one warning to be enough but the conditions they endured were so bad some of them actually would try again. Mdalaga saw another group try to escape. This time it was a halfhearted attempt with the boys quickly losing their courage. They immediately ran back to the group and tried to mix back in with the others. Unfortunate for Mdalaga, he was identified as one of the attempted escapees and as fate would have it the rebels cut Mdalaga’s lip as they had done the other attempted escapees.

      Eleven was an important age for the boys who carried those supplies to the front lines because it would be soon after when you were viewed as a prospective soldier and were expected to join them in that country’s insurgency. Mdalaga had been eleven for about four months. It was 1998 and the Democratic Republic of the Congo was descending into what was the Second Congo War.

      Then one day it came without warning. The boys were carrying supplies to the fighters at the front and they were walking along the path with the dense jungle a short run to their left. There were about five of them. Suddenly and for some reason Mdalaga’s fear of the dark dense jungle and reprisals for escape were outweighed by the fear of the rebel camp ahead and a future of fighting in a foreign country for something he knew nothing about.

      Lions were nothing. Hyenas, wild pigs, dogs and snakes were nothing. They unexpectedly burst into a run for the densest part of the jungle where the soldiers couldn’t follow their small bodies. They ran until they could run no further, out of breath, food and water. They would "cling" together and recall bits of survival information they had been told by boys who had attempted to escape before. They wandered through the jungle for weeks  until they eventually made it back to a camp near the one they had come from years before.

The Purpose

      Mdalaga only stayed in the camp a short time before making his way to a refugee agency and eventually to where I met him. In retrospect he described the situation like this: The insurgency in his country was deliberate but not for the reasons he expected. The insurgency that led to the exodus into the DR Congo and the refugee camps was a mask for a greater event.

      It is not so hard to imagine how war and conflict in one setting would cause an exodus to a second venue where the refugee situation would grow to tax that neighbor’s resources and social structure to the breaking point. Imagine that in that second venue there exists variants called precious minerals that are necessary for every lap top, every cell phone, tablet, flat screen TV and computer in the world. The DR Congo is the only known source of such precious minerals in such amalgamation and abundance anywhere on earth. Consider that the untapped precious mineral ores of the DR Congo have an estimated value equal to the Gross Domestic Product of both Europe and the United States.

      Think of how desirable would it be to access these minerals and the strategies one might endeavor to control them? Mdalaga described his war torn country as a pawn used to divide, access and then control the resources of a foreign entity. It has left him and countless others morally and intellectually depleted, impoverished and without a homeland.

      This was a luckless story for me. But understanding how the world works we engage the original question, why don't we own any major corporations, a car company, an airline, a supermarket chain and why are not all Africans, including white Africans and African Americans rich? It is a dilemma we are in. The paradox may be that we are too distant from the understanding and reality of this narrative to even answer that question much less to affect a solution. Therefore it is the question, what are we doing wrong? that needs to be answered. And, who's asleep at the gate?

      In answer to our "dilemma" if I may, a new paradigm is suggested in the Revised edition of my book “Potent Enterprise” and it is discussed at length in my follow-up book “RoadWindows”. The books, soon to be published traditionally, are presently available in ebook format only on Amazon kindle.

      The new paradigm waiting to be "discovered" is amazingly non-threatening to our present variables so the wealthy and powerful have nothing to fear from the further cerebral elevation of the general society. In "RoadWindows", the reader connects with ancient and Medieval cultures and sees how the Sultans and Merchant Princes ruled; they can visit ancient Timbuktu, Wagadou and the famous "Gold and Salt Routes, the Silk and Perfume Routes; the Ivory, Spice and Incense Routes to the east. They may understand how The French Revolution and Britain's Glorious Revolution and the Magna Carter shaped the democracies and constitutions thereof that followed. They may connect with the Voting Rights Act, Affirmative Action and the civil rights era. They can view our discussion on the evolution of the infamous "hustling cultures" and understand their contributions, past and present, to our current sensibilities. We believe these books are presently the ultimate platform for any discussion on "where we are going and how we will get there". And yes, its about ethics.

      Believe it is so and see why in my books published by Nigel and Loxy Publishing. I invite you to view what we do on Thank you for visiting us.

By Leslie Lox

Leslie Lox and Henry Williams, principals of Nigel and Loxy Publishing Company



Leading by a Tail

January 1, 2015

      Thank you for being here. Being informed is a good way to start your 2015 enterprise. My best wishes as you ponder how to turn all the things you promised yourself into reality. What was last year a battle for success may now come closer to a battle for survival. Things are changing. One has to be on point. Welcome to the "tip of the spear".

      True we may know more than we did last year but knowledge and understanding by itself as some of us know is not enough. There is the experience given their circumstances that must be earned. It is the adherence to this work ethic, along with your other personalized philosophies and methods that will lead you to the many things that are necessary and worthwhile. As for my own work, my sin if it is a sin, is that some of the perspectives I submit are biting and even offensive but my thinking is that if it's the truth then maybe that's what we need to hear.

      We might start off this enterprise by reflecting on our history because that is where our triumphs and failures await new companions. Here they propose a newer portrait, a fresh adventure. With a view clear and unobstructed our planning is then primed and as we may know and as I have borrowed from elsewhere, "preparation is the companion of success". 

      I and most people of conscious contribute to the public sentiment regarding the Eric Garner case and others. They are all tragic scenarios and actually point to a societal disease. But lacking that specific consensus here I'll focus on the dynamics they generate in the immediate. The short version goes as follows: any time that many white people come out in support of anything concerning black people it is suspect. That is not to say that I'm not grateful for their support. It only means I should view the circumstance more closely. So turn down the music, call your friends and get out your reading glasses, the Potential e-letter now called the Potential View is about to get busy one more time.

One Rainy Day

      I think I wrote about this before, the time, Autumn, one rainy day back in 2003 when I stopped off at a church in Harlem, New York. It was a week day, around noon and I had gone down to the prayer room which was just opening. It took less than a minute before I was down on my knees, my eyes swelling with tears. The women were offended seeing a young man with several "G's" of clothes on his back, "macked out" in gabardine's, English corduroy, silks and fine leather on his knees praying and weeping. "Ha and Gee ... what does he have to cry about?" added to the murmuring of prayers.

      It distracted my own murmurs when they started dropping chairs and slamming things. so as I passed them on my way out, in a non-offensive whisper ... "It is not for myself that I weep. It is for your children."

      It was a misty drizzle outside and I pondered that I might could understand their disdain but what if they had seen what I had seen? What would they do then? To anyone it is both disheartening and frightening to find that they have been misled by their leaders ... and I'm not referring to anyone in particular, the venomous know who they are. My point is that people will eventually come to recognize those misdeeds and so it would be their reaction to them which I address here.

      I will trust you with a fact to file away if it has no use for you at the moment. Very briefly, the slave master mentality doesn't care about anything of consequence because he has grasped the power to manipulate events to his liking, at least in our minds. I would liken the position of the slave master and today's leader in this case because both are manipulative of our emotions and then our thinking. Neither cares to a meaningful extent, what we feel or need; our aspirations for ourselves or our children. Their desires only, are what matter to them.

Chain of Events

      Remember that statement because to know it is to understand our chain of events for the last forty years; the mandates and behaviors of our leadership and how we got to be in this position. Put in question form it reads; how did we get from affirmative action, the voting rights act, and the March on Washington to our present "stand your ground" laws and racial profiling? It is a trend that reveals several things and favors foremost a populace that is submissive and governed by dictate and where we are not, events will, because of our silence consort to make us that way.

      Relative to that paragraph was an article in a conservative and popular magazine not unlike "Mother Jones" a few years ago. Some of you may have read it. What the article said was that it was being discussed up on Capital Hill that a dictatorial type of governance might be what blacks are best suited for. 

      That would be based on our mentality; the way we view things like authority and corruption, our socioeconomic perspective; how we view, save, spend and invest our money; the way we participate in our democracy and finally what motivates us to get things done.

      It was an ongoing discussion, so common among legislators and policy makers I'm surprised none of our leadership has mentioned it. It too helps explain our current chain of events and many of the things I herein make reference to. For the sake of brevity I'll not go further with any of these statements but they do make reference to things like adverse sociopathic behavior; blatant unscrupulous revenue recognition, submissiveness, tyranny and even the methods by which to reinforce and manage them.  If you want to catch a glimpse of it, you won't have to go far. It's already in our back yards and so signals that things are worse than we think.

From Forgiveness to Mercy

      Things are so dire that the discussion these events beg for may have transcended the idea of forgiveness to mercy. If you doubt that statement ask yourself, what are we asking for when we pray for divine intervention and we know full well that some transgressions may be unforgivable? The answer is, we are asking for mercy. If you think I've got it wrong then "flip the script" and change places. How would you respond, to say, the gang rape of a nine month old infant and that infant was your neighbor's son or daughter?

      If anyone tells you that's to extreme an example they're misinformed. It is the residue of these extreme transgressions going unanswered which dull our sensibilities and mores and give way to things like human trafficking and present day slavery. If you doubt this statement as well, measure the shock you received from it and believe that said bit of information will go nowhere and you will do nothing.

      It is likely that not far from where I am and maybe even in your city, one can purchase a baby for from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and do with him or her as one pleases. That includes setting them on fire or torturing them, which I have seen from the six o'clock news, has happened in some places. It is all a part of the international human trafficking network and it is only one of our problems.

      The best solutions to problems like these would require us to be honest with the circumstances and consider the most truthful variables no matter how offensive they are. They might also be peaceful and focused on their long term effects and benefits. By the way I point to these themes in all of my books contemplating historical references, multi dimensional and multi leveled perspectives and options and the work of some of our brightest and most powerful thinkers.  

When it Hits the Fan

      After stopping by that church that day I returned home to relax and sort things out. My conclusion of what happened in that church and the events leading up to it was that there may unfortunately come a time of conflict as people become increasingly tired of the status quo. But that conflict will not be between black and white or even the rich and poor. It will be between blacks and people of color on one side who would maintain the status quo because they are comfortable in their bliss. Another author stated that, for them it is easier to avoid complicated issues and just sit and wait them out.

      On the other side will be blacks and people of color who reject the numbing listlessness and ineffectiveness of our present local policy makers while we descend into an abyss from which we may never recover. These people want to hold our leadership accountable. 

Why be So?

      Sequence begs the question; why is leadership too afraid to speak up for us, inform us and do the things we chose them to do especially when the facts are staring us in the face? I apologize for this answer but is it most often because they have compromised themselves. The next question is; what does leadership do when they have compromised themselves? I apologize for this answer as well but it is what it is; they "sell us out". That is what leadership and people do when they are adversely sociopathic, suffer from greed and deceit, are hateful and vindictive or, and this is important, they have compromised themselves and are afraid of the consequences.

      The question before us now is, what are we going to do about being sold out if that is what has happened? It poses a difficult question but somebody, anybody needs to address the truth and yell it out loud to the rafters because our situation as it is understood in this quarter is incomplete and more dire than what our leaders propose and also because what we do now will affect us forever.

      If you want solutions to these problems you can read my books. You know the drill. If you like my commentary here you'll like my books even more. Excerpts from my book "RoadWindows" and the Revised 2nd edition of "Potent Enterprise" are available on

      P.S. I have one more thing to add about the related issue of slavery if you'll bare a restless pen. As I witness it on our city streets, I doubt it will be successful. It may create some small illusionary surges of adapting but still, it will not likely endure.

      When you think of slavery, think of the "thought police" then being drained of all ideas and perceptions except for the new ones necessary for what you will be required to do. Think about experimentation on humans and farming humans for their organs (I addressed this back in the first edition of my book "Potent Enterprise"). You will be told what to eat; where, when and how; when to have sex, how and with whom; where you can go, what you can and cannot do, what your work will be; for how long and how hard. 

      True, there may be rich, talented and even educated and skilled slaves such as doctors and lawyers but it will drain, deplete and retard society. For every "establishment man "who says yes to slavery a million more say no and they are in line with every western nation and every major religion on earth.  I don't know about you but I'm going with the majority here and I would question any leader who lacks the foresight to understand such a basic premise. So we must do the work. We must erase all vestiges of it and remain diligent in combating the narrow view and rule no matter what or where it is.

      For our common future, truth hotter than a firecracker, from my pen to your eyes after being rejected by too many black newspapers and magazines for over twenty years. Still, somebody has to say it.

      We have more answers so we absolutely welcome your comments and suggestions. Email us:

Leslie Lox author of the books "RoadWindows" and "The Revised 2nd Edition of Potent Enterprise" and principal of The Potential Enterprise Company

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