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      Imagine that the earth is 3 to 5 billion years old with man in existence for only 2 million of them. If man has established a history of being civilized for only twenty five hundred years we can agree that ours is a very young civilization.

Consider that it hasn't worked out as well as we had hoped in spite of our hard work, our inventiveness; progress in some areas and our accomplishments. worse we seem locked into a method that appears to be not the best nor wisest road for us. In a worst case scenario such as ours the smartest businessman; the most skillful builder or architect would scrap a project with so many deficiencies and start over. Those options would render our circumstances bleak if not terminal However. in fairness to ourselves consider that it is only our first attempt at civilization and although it lay just below our vision, fortune has given us an option called ethics that points us forward in spite of our quirks and petty grievances.

Consider further that of the 7 billion people on our planet 6 1/2 billion profess to a religious or philosophy - they can't all be wrong Religion & philosophy is about ethics. It is the common thread that weaves its way through our faith in the future and this agreements that bind us together. It points us. It keeps us focused on what is truly essential and what matters for our well being and growth. As well, it connects al religion and philosophy making them common to each other and to ourselves. That being said it could only be an ethical strategy that would possess the essential elements to ignite society's true potential. It is an option worth considering in a world bewildered, confused and wanting solutions. If you would, this is our element. Let us show you what is possible.


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The New World Constitution

January 2012

      The future is up to us. It can come on words whiffing of sweet rose milk; all the world is not at war; the air isn't completely foul and some of us actually know what we're doing. Then too it can come later when events have dried our spirits and the future looks deep and futile. On the right side of it now are the "Tea Party Movement" and the populist trends. On the other side is the "Occupy Wall Street Movement", as it springs up  in other cities and around the world.

      Doubt not that their goals are the same and that only their paths contradict. What weighs upon them most recently is the recognition of an unreasonable wealth disparity which might be seen to be flirting with our restless but still civil spirit. With less of a stretch that we might think, these events might mirror the pre-French Revolution and Britain's "Glorious Revolution" but with a greater potential for devastation. What society does from this point on, basically with these two fronts will decide if we are ready to evolve to the next level or lose a millennium of hard work and progress. Conceivably, if we are lucky, would evolve a "New World Constitution" or some variation of a global agreement that could guide us forward. But whether it comes today or weather we must suffer ages more of learning its coming is de facto.

The Fortunate

      Fortunate are we that no matter now much pain we must endure, we even have the prospect of a global consensus. The Torah, the Koran and the Bible tell us of its coming. The Hindu Vedas and the Four Noble Truths of 'Buddhism speak of it as an appropriate philosophical method. What is most important however is the they all speak to an epic of strong, workable, ethical conduct.

      Might we then imagine Christians represented by the Pope and other Christian officials; Islam represented by its most important Imams; Judaism represented by a World 'council of Rabbis and the Dali Lama and leading Buddhist and Hindus in consensus? Picture them very few in number and in a room all sitting around a table. In front of them is a list. On it are described the issues of economics, wealth disparity, and poverty; AIDS and disease; global warming, drought and hunger genocide and slavery; cultural and religious bias and more.

      Together those few individuals represent over 6 billion of the 7 billion people on the planet. It is a number that transcends all borders; physical, political, religious, cultural and economic. It represents the smartest, most brilliant scientists and inventors; academics, theorists and problem solvers in the world and as well, unthinkable wealth and resources. The rest of us followers would literally move mountains if asked to. Such would be the influence and inspiration around that table. Imagine the discussion that might evolve as they look down at that list. The list is minuscule should we be moved to that summit. Expect ideas proportionate to the worlds most important discoveries and equally so for our dilemmas or better, a "New World Constitution" to be forthcoming.

Our Golden Moment: Unifying and Ascending

      With this before us let us mention that something ascends when Muslims are pursued across national borders into the mountains and when the Jewish people and the Palestinians are discouraged from meaningful discourse or in Northern Ireland when Catholic priests are shot at getting into their cars (although I have not seen any of this footage myself. I've been told there is some on the BBC network). And when those things are happening imagine that in the beauty of Tibet Monks are committing self immolation. It is an affront to all organized religion and so leads to a grace almost unthinkable.

      In default of a miracle the common principles of ethical responsibility could possibly emerge connecting all those seated at the table as ethical principles do thread their way through most all religion, philosophy and as well the constitutions of the most successful societies around the world. Or is that event itself the miracle we've been waiting for? Might we ask: how can we deny that so much of what we humans aspire to is based upon ethics? Perhaps because we are so preoccupied with other things it fixes itself as do all great ideas, below our vision just beyond our paths of sight waiting for its moment?

      Perhaps too it is nature's design evidenced by the Arab Spring, the rumblings in other parts of Africa, South America, Europe and around the globe. Could it be that our economic and social burdens added to other events are nature's way to that summit: a prerequisite to the "New World Constitution"? Is this that golden moment?

Stirred and Inspired

      The question now becomes; what will men be stirred to do? This is not the "French Revolution" nor Britain's "Glorious Revolution". This is unlike the scenario surrounding the disproportions of "Standard Oil, Gulf or Shell Oil of he 1920's or 30's. We already have our version of the "Magna Carta". We have our Joe Louis. Further the great books do not specify a date for the said coming of the Apocalypse and too, warns us of false signs, manipulations and such. If that meeting should happen, what will those seated at the table and so we, devise to carry us forward and to protect a future so promising it is unimaginable. Imagine the discussion that would take place at that meeting. In a best case scenario something similar to a "New World Constitution" would no doubt come about. The only questions would be, how we will get there from here and how good we can make it.

      I will just note that as an option in view of our socio-economic dilemmas and according to their very meaning, violence, physical uprisings, riots, armed protest would be counter productive here. Peaceful protests or inquiries (as effective as they can be) best foster discourse and negotiation; compromise and solutions. While being the most peaceful routes they are the smartest, surest and most economical ones. If we demonstrate our opposition to these issues peacefully it is likely that those leaders will take their "ques" and respond in kind. The greatest threat right now to an unproductive status quo or worse, chaos and uncertainty, is peaceful and positive encouragement.

The "World Parliament of Religions"

      The World Parliament of Religions was formally established in 1899 by Charles Carroll Bonney and John Henry Barrows. Since then it has met about every five years with its next summit scheduled in 2014. Its mission is to accomplish precisely what we have outlined here. What is different between then and now is that today we are again exploring authoritarian and populist alternatives to our problems. We need to step back, think for a minute and ask ourselves; is this progress or digression?

      Wars have been fought to remedy fascism, authoritarianism and conditions that denied the basic human freedoms we now for security and comfort seem once more willing to give up. Either that or we are on the brink of a revelation. Now at the beginning of the second millennium and as we turn this important corner in our history we possess uniquely, the opportunity to set a newer improved human strategy for real growth and progress. Include in that growth and progress a wiser and more peaceful human consensus; prosperity emphasizing fairer opportunity; social empathy and respect for all our sensibilities; then our physical health and longevity and more.

      These things form the framework for more than progress but for solid meaningful exploration of human potential, invention and even entitlement to a better future. In 1893 it was the idea of Charles Bonney. In 1899 John Barrows made it a reality and today this summit or something similar is specific for our lives representing a most precious opportunity.The choice is up to us.


      To validate this theme there are test we can apply. I offer three of them here. The first asks whether or not what you already know to be true and factual will fit into this thesis? If this thesis is valid, your undrerstanding of things; your present knowledge, facts and figures should conform to it convincingly.

      Secondly, we might ask ourselves, How do we define a solution as true? Is it because it solves the problem? If it solves more than one problem is it "truer"? Or do we know it is true because we are all in some way connected and that a true solution ripples through our stratagem and hopefully solves not one but many things the original problem influences? 

      Third is when you know well within you that it would offer true and reasonable, physically and cerebral relief. Satisfaction and true solutions here would be the same. However, we should not be swayed into thinking that discourse and negotiation will point us to a peaceful road without hard work and patience. It would be a very difficult path but it is this relief we seek and our future depends upon it.

      If those ideas are proof then consider ethics our truest solution because it answers most every problem we may think of in some way, somehow. Could the theme of ethics be that same almost unthinkable grace to be drawn from our present desperation; as was Buddha drawn from the despair of his people's struggle: as was Jesus Christ, Moses and Mohammad drawn up and out of the wretchedness of their nations?  If we open our eyes we can see it. If we listen we can hear it. If such is true what should be our course? Should we maybe separate but not exclude the idea of ethics from religion and make it more workable and adaptable and share its magic with our everyday living?

      Ethics is an old theme written about in all our great books hundreds of years ago. If they were premonitions they did help us find our way but we've much further to go. With age the idea of ethics could only have gotten better and more specific for our times.


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