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Somebody has to say it!

      Imagine that the earth is 3 to 5 billion years old with man in existence for only 2 million of them. If man has established a history of being civilized for only twenty five hundred years we can agree that ours is a very young civilization.

Consider that it hasn't worked out as well as we had hoped in spite of our hard work, our inventiveness; progress in some areas and our accomplishments. Worse we seem locked into a method that appears to be not the best nor wisest road for us. In a worst case scenario such as ours the smartest businessman; the most skillful builder or architect would scrap a project with so many deficiencies and start over. Those options would render our circumstances bleak if not terminal. However, in fairness to ourselves consider that it is only our first attempt at civilization and although it lay just below our vision, fortune has given us an option called ethics that points us forward in spite of our quirks and grievances that are petty against a universe eternal.

Consider further that of the 7 billion people on our planet 6 1/2 billion profess to a religious or philosophy - they can't all be wrong. Religion & philosophy is about ethics. It is the common thread that weaves its way through our faith in the future and the agreements that bind us together. It points us. It keeps us focused on what is truly essential and what matters for our well being and growth. As well, it connects all religion and philosophy making them common to each other and to ourselves. That being said it could only be an ethical strategy that would possess the essential elements to ignite society's true potential. It is an option worth considering in a world bewildered, confused and wanting solutions. If you would, this is our element. Let us show you what is possible. Visit us on and view an excerpt from one of our publications on ethics.


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