Truth Closes in … 

February 2016

      I was living in Bedford Stuyvesant at the time. It was Tuesday morning and I had descended the steps of the row house. The hoax of the grey skies made the cool shorter days ahead seem romantic but uninspiring if that’s possible. A mangy couple in their twenties emerging from the garden level of a well-kept Brownstone across the street for some reason gave my stomach a hollowness. These four story buildings had been purchased for a “song” - twenty to thirty thousand dollars, some for as low as a dollar when the neighborhood was a ghetto. Now the millennium crowd had rediscovered the hand carved fireplaces and doorways, marble counter tops and hard wood floors finished to a gleam.

      The duo in grungy jeans and tee shirts looked like a pimp and one lonely hoe fallen from grace, working truck stops, shop lifting and now this. I watched them with my peripheral vision as they crossed the street and fell in behind me. I was carrying my laundry in a large sports bag. It was light so I kept a fast swagger fitting in with the neighborhood.

      I scanned the small brown paper bag in his right hand. It looked like it might be concealing a piece of hardware, maybe even a revolver. This could be a hit so I scanned them again, to make sure they stayed a safe distance behind me. Almost to the corner and not making up the distance he handed her the bag. “Hold this,” he said. She put it into her shoulder bag.

      When I turned the corner I made a dash for the street lifting my load over my head to squeeze between the cars. I dodged the whizzing traffic to the other side and turned to see them round the corner and immediately enter a Bodega. It looked like it was a hit and they didn’t want to pass through “Blood” and “Crypt” territory.


      This black cat I had been staying with one day passed through these blocks ahead of me slapping palms and glancing back in my direction me, “That dudes alright. He’s with me.” He had cased me back in the “three-quarter” house and deduced that as hard to believe as it was, I was trouble shooting the neighborhood or something; overseeing the children, schools and their teachers amongst other things. I had also helped him and this Puerto Rican guy, both fresh out of the joint, to avoid being set up. They’re ruses would have gotten in my way. The Puerto Rican guy left soon after the black cat and on that day had put something in my hand. It was one of those small square yellow “Stickum note papers” folded up. Nobody saw him do it. On it was written simply, “thank you”.

      Rarely a day goes by without me wondering if I’m doing the right thing and that maybe I should quit this role of watchdog/overseer in the communities I visit. I recall the people who are too busy to care and those whom I know didn’t or don’t .., unlike the two cats back at the “three-quarter” house. It also bothers me, the small fortune (measured in ghetto figures) I gave up for this thirty year plus campaign and that I haven’t been compensated by the groups who asked me on this journey in the first place.

      Then I remember the pain on the faces of those tricked into slavery and the ruthlessness of my adversaries. I remember the sacrificial child rapes and the children set on fire for some esoteric ritual. I remember being abroad and the nonchalant face of a man who had allegedly raped fourteen little boys over a ten year period and his neighbor who it was rumored had gang raped two young boys with his partner. Some of those children it was purported were so badly marred their abusers hired people who specialized in the termination of such cases and I somehow suspect that the children were buried in fresh graves at night not unlike a cemetery I sometimes passed on the Metro.

      Back to the present, from the kitchen window back at the “three quarter house” there was a little boy barely four feet tall, born without a backbone who attended a special school, being carried onto the school bus on a gurney every morning. In the afternoons I would watch him return home peering up to the sky through his horned rimmed glasses as if a reason for this existence floated somewhere up there amongst the afternoon clouds. He resisted the vestige of fear on his face trying hard to conceal the things he might expect that evening - his caretaker was the only family he had, receiving two thousand plus dollars a month to take dare of him. It didn’t work. Few people knew that he was renting the disabled boy out for sex and had been experimenting on him, seeing how much pain his heart or testicles could bear. One of the guys where I stayed suggested he understood the rituals being practiced there and because others who had visited the house had little or no money sex with the disabled boy cost next to nothing.

      It was a preview to the resurgence of slavery seeping into the area. They start with the handicapped and then moved on to the rest of the community. I didn’t know who exactly was orchestrating this trend but abusing the handicapped in any form is a bad idea. It was raining one afternoon as I peered down from my window to the tiny youngster being brought into his house on the gunnery. I wanted him to feel that someone cared and was watching and that something had been set in motion that would free him from his torment. It would happen before a few weeks passed. I’m still amazed at how astonishingly brave he must have been.


      There are two beasts in life and I have been in the belly of both of them. It is from whence I speak as this commentary is written to attest to. I was and am able to garner solutions to the myriad of debacles facing our society because I had been trained to understand and engage the source of our woes. I had been prepared for seven years beyond college and graduate efforts, community, business and work experience to do just this. Rather than one big campaign, for the most part my journey has been comprised of many battles. Many were smaller "jobs" lasting a few months while others were larger with expanded demographics lasting a few years. But they were mostly similar to the structure, complexity and desolation described here.

      I have to say these things, for one because I’m, black which might be why I was chosen for this "journey" being able to fit easily into almost any venue. But it needs to be said that a black man operated on this level and was successful in these many battles which comprised a much larger campaign. In all honesty the larger campaign is failing.

      A second descriptive might portray me as a failure, dedicating thirty years of my life to what has evolved as an ethically principled campaign that wasn't or isn't successful however hopeful I remain. I must add too that an ethically principled endeavor wasn't intended as my original purpose but the request was to follow a particular directive according to my demeanor and follow it I did. That commitment has led me to this three/quarter house for the disenfranchised and those recently released from incarceration. It was assumed, rightfully I admit, and due to my preparation that I would know what to do in these situations.

      No matter how these circumstances are portrayed one could say with confidence that one amongst us had mounted a gallant fight for our children and our future; scoured the bellies of both beasts; sorted out and engaged the hoodlums, terrorists along with countless others who were supposed to be hardworking and honest. I might add that the so-called "hardworking, honest" individuals were the most horrific of all. I would go for weeks with out sleep around and when it did come I had learned to literally sleep with one eye open. Although I really couldn't see anything it was a matter of staying half awake. I had worked and fought until my arms locked or were too heavy to raise. My legs not to be bested seemed timed to lock or give out as well at their most needed moments.

      I have to wonder if it was because I was seen to be successful in spite of these occurrences that I fell out of favor with those gents who had originally asked me on this campaign. Candidly speaking, most of those gents are probably no longer around and their successors probably aren't familiar with the scope of this campaign. However, they should be witness to the severity of the events and situations as they arise and should be able to recognize and understand what I do. I can see no excuse for my lack of support.


      Now, after thirty years of it I admit that a certain economy defines my actions. The engagements have become battles of the mind - spiritual fracases, opposing ideas from opposite quarters vying for power and position. For example, who is to say that one religion is better than another when they both believe in the same things; you cannot steal, lie or harm another person etc.? Who is to say one political system is better than the next when the same people who have money in a dictatorship will be the same ones with money if it become a democracy and visa versa? They are often analogous conflicts and the physical properties they assume like those demonstrated above are the actual areas of concern. In the example above, slavery was and is a largely mental exercise but there it took on physical properties when the man who claimed ownership of the disabled boy started experimenting on him and renting him out for sex. It’s the same in other cases where sacrificial rape, ritualistic immolation, forced labor and more is present. More often than we realize it is our behavior that needs address and adjusting more than the system, institution and/or the acts themselves.

      Adding to my own difficulty, I must engage my adversaries who make use of pious implements indicative to their particular culture and religious beliefs and me without even practical support. Just my experience and general knowledge of these has to prove sufficient. That is not meant in any way to berate these practices but rather to explain how complex my job has been and so to support my desire now to retire and receive compensation.

      Where else can a lack of support, a lack of credit for my successes and importantly a lack of compensation point to? Support, credit for one's accomplishments and compensation after thirty years would be the tools of my trade for such and future endeavors. Knowledge and experience are useless if because of a lack of financial support, approval is inconsistent, I have no credibility or support and I lack mobility and access to the resources I need. As tools they are enabling which is important for what I was asked to do. Most important is that these things point to the campaigns failure and I am exhausted. However, in all honesty true stories like the one above make it hard to stop in spite of my wanting to move on to other things, perhaps even writing. I keep waiting for the cues but they don’t come.


      Further, it should be stated that I took an oath and was asked on this campaign. I did not volunteer. The gents who urged my parcipitation apparently had done their homework and knew they were asking these things of someone with suitable ability. The above job was one of many over a thirty year period and from that you may conclude that the campaign itself was an important undertaking and thus me recognizing this, would finance it diluting my small "fortune". I may push myself physically but I have exhausted myself financially. The campaign's and my own coffers need address.

      That having been said, I say to you with momentous urgency that It doesn't look good for us black folks. Some of us don’t have to see over the horizon to know what’s there. We should be alarmed. If we do nothing we have only ourselves to blame. Be we then, the culprits of our own demise.

      Finally, do remember that peace is a strategy but so is work, diligence and patience. Live them hard.

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Leslie Lox, author and principal of “The Potential Enterprise Company” and also “The Nigel and Loxy Publishing Company” along with co-principal Henry ‘Butch’ Williams


​This Picture
God created a giant to watch over wayward man and dominate over the noon, halfway point between night and day, halfway between before and later. As man conquers space it watches the fiery Martian sunset … Venus and its moon showers. It watches as religion relegates the ultimate power to a secular good and individual sovereignty. It is ethical and geometric with suffering and fear faint memories, character and not money the measure. It is the day after tomorrow and it waits for us to solve “This Picture”.

We are silent to the truths in front of our eyes inviting catastrophes we can’t even imagine. Our community has lost not one but several steps on our journey. At issue is a newer slavery along with other disparities regarding our black institutions and as we are too silent, they swell to smother us. We are not the people we used to be. We should be feeling shame …to even whisper of our ancestors is sacrilege.

A Small Era in Natures MethodJanuary 2017

Silence is consent. Nay to be silent to someone else’s misdeeds signs on to courage but in the same breath, to be silent to his own misdeeds, one invites a special calamity to arrive at the worst moment."

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      We have now entered what the newspapers are calling the Trump Era. Although some of us disagree with what are shaping up to be his policies we have to wait and see how these initiatives develop. Although it does seem like some of what he is doing is in contrast to what former president Obama has affected, we have to put his initiatives in proper perspective. We do see however that the current president elect is criticizing the former president’s policies and is in the process of dismantling them.

      It was Bill Gates opinion during an interview recently when he said that it would help if President Trump’s initiatives were explained. I believe he was referring to an explanation for a wall along the Mexican, U.S. border; that the time and facts of a former era have expired and we have failed to exercise a more humanitarian solution for the refugee crisis ... I believe also that his reason why we should exit NAFTA, TAA and other one sided trade agreements is that we are experiencing a disproportionate economic global burden and our trading partners have failed to help lighten it. There is a reason also for our tough stance with North Korea. There is an order and balance to the planet and we all must ensure to the best extent possible that groups and nations who wield power use that influence responsibly. Not to be left out is the fact that one cannot help but notice when returning home from abroad people from said countries (although far from most of them) berate the country they are going to and may have never before been to (as unbelievable as it sounds it is true). Perhaps it is because he is a businessperson that the president - elect is not used to explaining himself.

      But still we deserve to know more than what an acute “emotionless” dictate offers us. Here is how I see it. There is a method to evolution as it becomes history and Obama was a part of that method. Former president Obama was an outstanding president and his positions and policies were correct for their time. The idea is to not destroy the history he created which was calculated to benefit humanity and right for its time but to recognize that he was one president of forty-five presidents who simply did his job within the dictates of his era. When our world society claims to be humane we cannot skip steps in a process which claims to be humanitarian. Obama’s policies had to be played out and now as we have exhausted those ideas we know with more certainty what the next step should be. Some of President Trump’s ideas happen to be a part of that next step. In 4 or 8 years we'll eventually exhaust his ideas and the next president will inherit his chair and take the same process through to the next step. As with all ideas it may be that not all of President Trump's ideas are viable, so our job is to work together and discern which of them are, implement them and bypass the ones which are not. 

      What we are seeing is a process and former president Obama and now president-elect Trump, in the scheme of things, are actually small parts of that process. The idea of this paper is that explaining our new president’s initiatives would be helpful and possibly make much of the criticism all around unnecessary. Altering and changing some of the aspects of the present policies and ideas are a better explanation than portraying an abrupt departure from them. The idea is to continue the process. If we look closely, the policies and ideas are connected purposely, designed to evolve and lead us to the next step.

      For our part, we might ask ourselves, why there weren’t more tangible benefits for our community during the Obama presidency. From where I stand the black community should have been better positioned to benefit from Obama’s presidency. Surely President Donald Trump and his supporters are. With great respect and humility we must ask, why weren’t we prepared? Where were our local leaders and supporters and where was the structure to collect the benefits as they were supposed to trickle down? We must be cautious, because if there is a flow to history and we don't use it, go with it or take advantage of it … then there is also a back flow. 

                                                                      Back Flow

      Look around the next time you walk down the street. Notice the stores, businesses and occasional schools but notice too the churches often spaced only a few buildings apart? There are many of them and in each church are comprised the pastors, ministers and/or preachers; evangelists and Bishops, deacons, elders, board members and others. That it is not unusual for every board member of a moderate size church (10 and often more) to have a net worth of over a million dollars is to say that the group even after omitting a few movie and music stars and athletics comprises the majority of the black middle class. Respectfully, without judging whether it’s good or bad, it states also that it doesn’t matter what groups, civic or political; what organizations or fraternities the followers and congregation belong to, they all knowingly or unknowingly support physically, emotionally and financially the economic group above I referred to as our dominate middle class. That would make all of us participants and responsible for those possible acts. The question now evolves to ask, who within our middle class is in control of our future and what were they busy doing to not participate in this historical flow or what were they busy doing that allowed this potential backflow? Remember, I am not alone in this assessment. Further, what are their interests and how are they vested in, or not vested in our future and finally, what are they willing to do to protect those interests or preferably do a 180 and correct our course? Forever is a long time and wrong actions could foster "consequences unimaginable".

      It is a trick question only if the revenue this group recognizes is unscrupulous and I say that with the highest respect ... However it must be proposed because the risks to our future are so great and surely I'm am not alone in this assessment. If some are guilty of receiving illicit revenue or other comparable sins it is vital that we separate these few from the herd. If there was or is unscrupulous revenue recognition by some, then because we are all connected we are all responsible and the credibility of a billion people is at risk. We have to ask what it means, when on critical levels one or worse a group cannot be trusted with secular or pious variants, constants, fluctuations and information? Can a human consensus vote him or them toxic socially, in business or academia? It's as serious as you can imagine.  It is a severe level of honesty that we need which even if minuscule, it would hold solutions and value for us that we are desperate for. The measurement of our involvement needs to increase. The credibility of a billion people is not a small thing. What we do today is forever. One person or several people cannot do it all alone. The silence of the majority is hurting …

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Peace is a strategy. Live it like you mean it.  


The Reality of Office

There are oaths we are familiar with and some we are not but they have in common a responsibility for the bearer. Every time we see a perfect sunrise or view a flower in bloom we experience a privilege … a responsibility if I may. It is an unofficial oath to preserve the spectra … though some would deny ...
 I would see the horizon sweeping mountainous vistas into view, wonder drifting to bottomless seas, skies dusted endless blue. But once I understood their true distance, a deformity took place. It was a deformity because by understanding those metrics I believed that I wasn’t responsible for what I perceived but rather that what I perceived owed to me. It was a corrupt thought that feigned familiarity
Coming to balance that fate is an ethical essence. If it comes hopeful it is proof of heaven. But if it comes cynical it might inquire that our road is a corrupt thought owed to an essence that is deformed.

The President Knows Something

      In 2008 the public expressed the want for a leader with integrity who would lead us with reason and wisdom and we got him in President Barack Obama. In 2016 we required a leader of boldness, acute honesty and fearlessness and we got him in President Donald Trump. President Trump knows something. It was the crux of his candidacy and campaign but now it both thrusts forward and burdens to incapacitate his office. To be honest it is a cancerous political that President Trump and those whom recently preceded him inherited. It was the promise of his ability to address its issues that got him elected but two obstacles stand in his way.

      This country has a long agenda of issues confronting us: from ecology to our infrastructure to race, modern day slavery and religious relations, to our economy and reigning in Wall Street; corruption, ethics and a declining foreign policy and influence. My idea is that it is possible that our president understands how these issues and the obstacles affecting them are interconnected and at least has a plan to address them. This, even though he belongs to a “club” much different than we i.e. the attempted repeal of Obama-Care, the new tax laws; foreign policy and more. It is assumptive of a good plan that if the two referred to obstacles can be reigned in the other issues will be addressed automatically and mechanically. Left for us to calculate is how much we will benefit.


      It is less than a year since he’s been in office and the talk of impeachment keeps coming up. To our dismay it rests on ideas of incompetency and does not point to honesty, boldness or fearlessness or the last fifty years or so of U.S. policy and law making beset with the lack of an effective ethical policy. It is because of the “media obstacle” that those traits of honesty, boldness and fearlessness have transformed bitter for the public and so build sentiment for action against the president’s already embattled office.  

      It is a fine line that discerns unfair policy from ineffective policy as it regards government and the media. Either policy is detrimental. To say that the media is misinformed to not say that it is unfair doesn’t fly well in the face of common knowledge and renders it detrimental breaching the public’s constitutional right to be informed and so our democratic process Conclude then that however the media feigns responsible reporting, that our billionaire president has no choice but to resort to social media.

      The problem is that the media is misreporting or under reporting on just about all of the issues that concern us. It suggests that we, the public are less capable than we actually are. Contrarily, there are literally millions of PhD’s amongst us with millions more holding baccalaureate and Masters degrees. We primarily require of the media the facts on both or all sides of an issue. We do not need them to form our opinions or point us in a direction they deem as proper. Especially when it is clear, that they too are affected wrongly and negatively by acute frankness, a fear of honesty and perhaps even the financial considerations of their industry. There must be individuals in the media who understood some of this crux dating back to the cold war. It is not a small matter as it affects the security and well-being of our country. Compounding the problem, it is the last fifty years of political naivety that have become critical for us that the president understands and the media refuses to address, or as difficult as it is to believe, may not understand themselves.


      It is a spectrum of agencies, organizations and interests that hold influence in the policies our President wants to affect and whom do not want to be held accountable for their decades of abusing the public. Picture that they represent an almost immovable object and we understand how difficult the task is. But regarding our most recent focus; how do you set to remedy our country’s most important policing agency when it suffers critically deep and opposing divisions within its ranks and administration without the support of the media and an uninformed public?

      The above forms our second obstacle and at a turning point in American history it becomes the question of the year. Boldness, frankness, honesty and fearlessness are the attributes called for today. Without us recognizing those facts in their proper perspective, our country may be on the verge of another great loss.

      The final question here is “What options have we left President Trump with to do the job we elected him to do?” And amid the miscalls for impeachment and with declining prospects for a second term should he play to a post presidency and leave us the tools to fix what no recent president created but rather inherited. The reality exceeds the office.

      This e-letter is for your consideration from Leslie Lox, author and with Henry “Butch” Williams principals of The Nigel and Loxy Publishing Company. We welcome your comments:

     Ethics is a strategy - live the strategy.


​      I offer you that it is dark but it is not night. The smoke has blackened the skies numbing the eyes path to the mind to what was happening … and New York wasn’t alone. Chaos had visited just about every major city in the country; they were enflamed, lawless and their citizens were rebelling.

      How ironic to be made a slave then told you were fighting for your freedom by the same people who enslaved you. The equation works only when thought is prohibited. With slavery, reason, reading and thinking were/are not allowed. Save for death, slavery is the ultimate cover-up. It was powerful con for Wall street’s insider trading debacles and other financial conspiracies. It quieted not so much the misdeeds but our lack of response to them. So too for other institutions, their profiles including fraud, murder, unscrupulous revenue recognition, treason and the master’s personnel whims. Greed had birthed a revolution and its residue of slavery was/is redefining common sense, literally.

      Slavery now, more than being economically based, was/is for Americans due to the greed, power and control people sought over and against each other. With the up-rising they had been told that they were no longer slaves but had become soldiers and ordered to fight for the cause of freedom. The oxymoron disarmed the spirit, blurred the line between common sense and delusion but any objections by now could be too late.

      A preacher, months before, should have said it was Autumn but instead stated it was the Apocalypse. If so, why was it true for some and not for others? The reality of these statements surmised that certain individuals in our community along with their cohorts on Wall Street were the major perpetrators of the offenses responsible for the rebellion? Does that explain why we in the black community didn’t see our leaders, our local politicians, preachers and ministers amongst the casualties and those fleeing the chaos and violence of the burning cities? Were they excluded from the penalties of their own sins? Where were they and were they slaves as well, formerly referred to as “House Niggers”? Their absence was as difficult to accept as it was to breath.

      Fires raged on every street and robbed the air of its oxygen creating a vacuum for autumns golden leaves to dance like butterflies against the burnt, broken debris that filled the streets. People dazed and coughing had to dodge clumps of broken concrete and glass trying to find cover and safety or escape. These things were …, because greed and negligence had led to a very deep and widespread corruption in our society. It was chaos, the rebellion.


      As rioting and conflict engulfed New York City its` essential services had deteriorated. There was no garbage collection, many police had left their posts - some had even turned rogue. There were no ambulances to transport those felled from the radioactive fallout and the violence. Their sirens long stopped were replaced by gun fire and mostly small explosions throughout the city. The fires were voluminous and still increasing with many sites smoldering and prompted the fire fighters to abandon their stations and go home to protect their families. Only people with no options or great bravery stayed in the dying city and grappled for solutions while the rest struggled to escape. It had been a national uprising blamed on corrupt, biased politics and business. The proof was communicated by leadership and media not given to factual proof but rather generalized accusations, stretched circumstantial evidence that emphasized emotional issues. It created confusion and panic.

      The gun had become law. Chaos had become the norm and was the new paradigm. Only in areas where residents or small groups were armed was there order. They would be the safest ones for their stay and the last ones to go.

      Bodies were being found buried beneath rubble, behind shrubs in parks, in sewers and subway tunnels. With the structural collapses, corpses were being discovered long buried in walls, basements of factories and churches and still others lay in the streets. Those hurt … with broken or no limbs lay alongside victims of radiation poisoning. Society was falling apart as people resorted to their base instincts.  Citizens who were usually law bidding became outlaws. The revenge and political killings rose to the surface first and matched those deaths from bombings, fires and structural collapses. The stench of death was fast growing unbearable ... coming with disease, sickness and an almost paralyzing confusion.

                                                                      The Exodus

      The purveyors must have done something terribly wrong for this to happen. I 95 was backed up for tens of miles with vehicles fleeing the crumbling cities. It was America but it reminded you of the exodus out of war ravaged Sudan - refugees carrying their belongings under their arms or bundled high on their backs. What misdeeds would warrant such a thing happening in America? Those who didn’t have cars trudged alongside the Interstate carrying or pulling their belongings in carts and wagons, each one widening the path south through the foliage. The reality of the refugee had become Americanized.        

      A truer label would explain them as “homegrown” refugees, the victims of our homegrown terrorists. The terrorists had numbers that would astounded you and they had been latent for well over a decade. Now after the nuclear power plant exploded threatening fallout throughout the northeast corridor they had revealed themselves, popping up in just about every city and town … and in the country sides. The best you could say for the refugees is that they had been asleep. But there were millions of each on both sides, victims of rhetoric that crossed back and forth between truth and fiction, the audacious and madness.

      I 90 out of Chicago was lined up for miles with vehicles as was Highway 270 out of Saint Louis. They would eventually meet the growing tent cities on the outskirts of Atlanta Georgia, those on sprawling stretches of vacant land with access to water and roads. It was the same in Florida, Alabama and Tennessee where the refugees also headed and would live for the unforeseeable future. Refugees in every sense of the word they fled the violence and the risk of another nuclear “accident” like the one at the power plant on the Hudson River in New York State. On the west coast, the refugees out of Los Angles endured Highway 101 south to cross the desert. They avoided the state of Texas, bellowing of succession and brimming expectant, not with riotous conflict but military combat. Canada had its own problems and closed its borders to refugees from any country.

      The exodus was tortuous. Walking along the highways as many desperate people had to do was a line three or four people wide in some places as they overwhelmed rest stops and communities along the way. Some of the communities with the limited help of the few services still operational including the government, provided rest stations along the way to ease the burden. They offered food, water and rest to the refugees who had to be discouraged from staying too long. It was a dismal episode as people were robbed or robbed others along the way. Alliances and friendships were formed as well as gangs. Small armed militias happened as well.


      Greed had come alive. It thrived breathing death and mania and the phrase “look out for yourself” was its motto. The leading question was, how could something like this happen to civilized people? But the question should have been, “Are we really as civilized as we think?”

      Lapsing into reason would have offered that a genuine understanding of the problem is half the task of solving it. For us that would mean realizing that the basic premise of a society is for the inhabitants to bond together for protection and wellbeing. The other half of solving the problem is deciding how they would do this. If they stick to that natural directive, the key to being productive while maintaining their society would follow. But enter into the picture, our laxity, corrupt leaders and greed and nature’s directive is disrupted. The society will come apart at the seams and you’ll have conflict and exoduses of people with nowhere to go and nothing waiting for them when they get there. Such is the “portrait” I’m suggesting here.

      My interpretation of this potential disarray includes a “sketch” of tent cities on the outskirts of Atlanta Georgia sprawling for a quarter of a mile with several more twenty or so miles apart. There are tent cities in Tennessee, Alabama as well as well as in other states. The camps as they are also called, number in the hundreds and are a sprawling enterprise, home so far to several million people, surpassing the exoduses of Sudan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan combined. There is an attempt for relief supplies: food, water and other necessities to be delivered regularly but shortages persist. There is crime with armed gangs, unanswered reports of thievery, drugs, rape, assault and murder. 

                                                        Unforeseen Problem Number One

      The black church was or rather is regarded around the world by academics and economists as the main industry of blacks in America. Other than the black church we are not identified with any industry or craft or as possessing skills conducive to any particular trade. If that is true and the arguments against it do appear weak, it is a bleak future America’s homegrown refugees subscribe to. If the business most identifiable to blacks in America is the Black church imagine that now you’re a young person in the refugee camp looking forward to the sun rising every morning, trying to gauge your prospects for the future.

      Surveying that landscape a wise man might conclude that the better idea would have been to cure the existing socioeconomic relationships – correct them, make them strong again and flexible to endure whatever may arise. But our masses it appears, were misinformed and too easy to ignite with dialogue that was passionate because of the benefits for the purveyors and only clever and inaccurate for us.

      The exodus south for the refugees was and is arduous and even terrifying and there were/are no prospects for it getting better. Tempers flared, people ran out of food and water, fights broke out, some got hurt and some gave up ... Would it have helped our absentee decision makers … and urged our masses to get involved if they had known that someone could sit in a room somewhere in Alaska, push a button releasing a missile from Bismarck, Idaho capable of traveling all the way to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, enter through a bathroom window while someone was/is sitting on the stool and obliterate everything … and watch it all via satellite? It would help me but apparently not enough of us were listening or reading as I described these capabilities in my previous newsletters. The missile is less than a meter long could travel through clouds and smoke, beneath our radar if we had any and faster than we could see it. The point of this scenario is that the imaginary individuals (at least at this writing) won’t know where it will hit next. Further these imaginary individuals won’t know who fired it.

      Ours is not a plan well thought out. If we read the newspapers and be honest with our observations we can see how our community has alienated itself from other nations. We’ve only to open our eyes to see how we’ve alienated ourselves from other faiths and cultures. It is a foul scent we leave in our wake and while we deny it to ourselves it is obvious to others and without our remorse and change it grows stronger … until what? Could a world consensus be forming? Believe it and say something or don’t believe it and say nothing or don’t believe it and say something just in case … but ask yourself, “where in history has this happened before?”

                                                                   Is History Correct?

      Our culprits have breached the human contract and the sins must go deep if their solution invites the horrors of slavery back into our lives and invests in war. Consider that they may have violated civic, cultural, and religious codes and that their sins to more than a few people may be almost unforgivable. Add to that; they are not willing to pay the price for their misdeeds and that they are willing to do anything including induce war and genocide against their own people to escape penalty. The breach, if that is what it was and is, was apparently deep enough to suck all the courage from them and so the masses suffer for it. Failing to brave the consequences, it is a shorted sight that expects anything positive when they have disdain for others, view themselves as superior and don’t respect or conform to the world view. Ask again, what history has taught us about such initiatives?

      If history is correct, victory for the culprits in a contest such as this is unattainable. Those who are current and astute understand that we have injured progress; that we have lost ground and that the only goal now is survival. Consider that with the advent of modern day slavery we have socially regressed 150 years and have lost whatever progress earned over that time. Every culture has experienced slavery in a form more severe than they care to admit but for the culprits to offer our servitude as payment for their sins in modern times (if that is what they are doing) explains that for one thing, they were and are not used to power of this type. Further, their violations may be quite serious and too graphic to include here. Add to that, their refusal to accept any penalties for them along with their addiction to such power and we may surmise that their vision borders on delusion bringing us slavery, war, conflict and denial. Further, if all these things are true they may have severely compromised theirs and their children’s future.

      Note: Power of this type plays out best in places where its purveyors, very importantly, are willing to pay the price. There the benefits from both the trade and its penalties trickle down to benefit the community at large. This is historical, nature driven and accepted as protocol for such positions that are elevated and exercise authority within our community by an informed populace. Additionally, it is delusional to think one can avoid this necessary equation and perhaps not pay the price for one’s deeds when warranted. You cannot lead a billion people, sit at the table across from the world’s leaders without its resolution. It is a pipe dream and an embarrassment to the masses should they find out.

                                                      Modern Day Slavery is an Abnormality

      Understanding that something is wrong with this initiative, why do the masses stay this course? Did too many of us already know and turn a blind eye to trespasses too graphic to mention here? Who really benefits when we “look out for our individual selves” and cause disarray amongst the things and the people we are familiar with? Where will this take us? How strong is our bliss when we conquer another’s spirit? Do glands secrete, and body fluids flow … does it arouse? I’ve always wondered how rape and sex fit into a conflicts dilemma … but it does and the reports of rape and gang rape in the refugee camps pictured would be burgeoning. When body parts were found in the forests a couple of miles from one camp, cannibalism was suspected polarizing the feelings of confusion, fear, impotence and anger.

      How important is the polarization of feelings in the slave/slave master equation? Surely it was the unequal distribution of wealth within this still growing socioeconomic equation that has led up to it. The very important widening gap between the rich and the poor provided the vacuum for this uprising in the first place and then created an addictive pretext for maintaining it. We should have paid more attention to the conversations of Travis Smiley and Cornell West on this financial relationship as we read their books that went from the coffee table to the shelves before we went back to sleep.

      It must be an abnormality that creates the superrich and the obscenely poor and that as well would create war and prohibit people from negotiating this inequity and a fair peace. The issues must be abnormally severe to make people who are unwilling to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation and unwilling to negotiate solutions to them sociopathic. To arrest slavery’s proposed “currency” those adverse to it would have to position themselves accordingly. If they have superior resources and power, adopt an effective opposition and we are all in one place, what can happen?

                                                        More Elements of Modern Day Slavery

      We have to understand that slavery was not a trend. It came in a wave with those who knew what was happening, either half asleep, filled with greed and willing to profit from it or trying to cover up their own sins with its addictive essence. It is not espoused in the bible as some say but referred to. To justify it, the latter two excuses mentioned above would include its so called “benefits”. They would say that there will be less crime, reduced waste of our resources, economic production will improve and that our students reading and math scores will improve. Further, that there will come, benefits from scientific experimentation that are not stated but understood. And, because of these social incursions you will be able to purchase livers, kidneys, hearts along with other organs and body parts for people engaged in such experimentation and for people who need such surgery. We cannot deny it because it is happening now. Could this in part, be a future industry some of our leaders have in mind but dare not put on the table, at least not yet. Is it too late or is thinking about it already prohibited?

                                                               Unforeseen Problem Number Two

      The great failure of this concept many people initially failed to realize is that slavery will undermine the world economy. When we have a group that can go into the ground to mine a countries resources without costs. process the materials for free; invent and develop the machines and factories for free, build them for free; then market and sell them without overhead, we are talking about a serious slave based economy. It is a horrific life proposal for even the professionals that would fall under its spell. It will undermine the present world economy on all sides of the equation the added devastation of which may set the stage for the ultimate conflict. The problem remains that culprits from our community along with other unscrupulous money interests appear to be the principals in this initiative and they and their supporters could literally, lose everything for themselves and those on the receiving end.

      Let us hope that an awakening will come before these things happen. Perhaps an idea is awaiting as twilight tempts the sun past the American refugee camp stretching the panorama. The smoke from the burning cities up north has followed the refugees turning the southern sky a pink haze, drowning the orange dusk sun in violet. The residue of daylight spills dim yellow, withdrawing slowly along the camps dirt paths where some of the tents are dirty and leaning from the rain. Steam is rising from the cooking fires competing with the smell from the portable toilets; the barking of dogs … an occasional nay from a horse … flies offer their own resistance. Women are tending to the pots, sitting, stirring listlessly. Someone must be thinking the question, “How did we get here?” Another … “Who will speak up?”

      By Leslie Lox, author of the books “RoadWindows” and “Potent Enterprise”.

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